- CABRIOLET  Probe 24v -

   Voir le montage et la fabrication !!

Hi, I and my friend decided to do from Probe to cabriolet at the czech
Probe car´s meeting last year. I send you a few photos of our
construction in the enclosure.

The car will be have to write this rebuilt in the registration book

soon and everything so becomes valid (legal).
(But I ride with him today already even if it´s conducted as coupe
still). If you have some questions so you can write me. I like answer you.

Yours sincerely

Jiri Salplachta from Czech republic


Cette Probe 24v (CZ) est un exploit technique mais irréalisable dans notre beau pays pour des raisons d'homologation !!

Bravo a son concepteur même si certain détail peuvent bien sur être encore amélioré... (la capote)


Une Probe 24v Cabriolet ...


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